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Welcome to Camp!

Camp Roosevelt-Firebird provides a wide array of fun and meaningful activities in a caring environment.  Our Camp fosters self-confidence, leadership, respect, humor, an appreciation of the environment and a desire to make the world a better place.

A little bit about our camp...

Activities: swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, traditional sports, tennis, creative arts (in our 1890's barn), ropes course / climbing wall, wilderness adventure trips, farming, animal care, fitness, yoga, dance, outdoor education and earth stewardship, camp newspaper, digital photography, unusual board games, community service and more!

Location:  The scenic rolling foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in Eastern Ohio. Camp sits on a 104-acre peninsula jutting out into lovely Leesville Lake.  We are surrounded by public land that is managed and protected by the Muskingham Watershed Conservancy District.

The site:  Our LakeDining Hall and Main Lodge have a wonderful history rooted in conservation and social justice.  Leesville lake was constructed for flood control in 1930's as a part of President Roosevelt's New Deal. Young men in the National Youth Adminstration were put to work as they built our dining hall and lodge and then used these structures as barracks; the young men planted the millions of white pines that line the shores of our lake. We do our best to respect this legacy of hard work as we doggedly maintain our site and thoughtfully protect the natural beauty of our shoreline, pastures, forrests, creeks and magical rolling hills.

Peace:  Our campers experience a beautiful sense of peace.  As one scans the shoreline at night, there are no other lights or buildings in view! Such surroundings encourage our campers and staff to explore, have fun and develop a sense of wonder about the natural world.

Directions:  We are conveniently located 45 minutes from nearby Akron/Canton Airport, 90 minutes from Cleveland or Pittsburgh, and just a little more than two hours from Columbus. Our camp staff are happy to assist with travel and transportation arrangements. We believe Camp Roosevelt-Firebird is an amazing, life-changing summer camp experience.  No matter where you are from, we invite you to join our camp family.  Once we have you in the fold, you'll never want to leave.

Get to know us:  Keep checking out our website, social media sites or best of all:  Call us today!  Our winter camp office is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Call Joe Mendes our Director at 740-269-0137 or email him at:  joe@camprooseveltfirebird.com .

We've been a high quality summer camp since 1918  (Roosevelt) and 1954  (Firebird).  We've been co-ed for the past 28 years.

We offer a variety of co-ed sessions for girls and boys from ages 7 - 15

We'd love to tell you more!  If at all possible, we'll come visit you at home.

Check out our highlights in Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine.

CONTACT US:  Joe Mendes @ 740-269-0137.  email joe@camprooseveltfirebird.com 



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  • 01/03/2017

    Camp Reunion This Sunday! Click below for details.

Events Showcase

  • Sailing on Leesville Lake
    Sailing on Leesville Lake
  • Hanging out on the 'ol oak tree
    Hanging out on the 'ol oak tree
  • Manny lets Granny Waxweather roost on his arm!
    Manny lets Granny Waxweather roost on his arm!
  • Boil water boil!  Building a fire.  The final event in the All Camp Marathon.
    Boil water boil! Building a fire. The final event in the All Camp Marathon.
  • Two friends.
    Two friends.
  • Cheryl cruising on the Ohio-Erie Canal Tow-Path Trail
    Cheryl cruising on the Ohio-Erie Canal Tow-Path Trail