Welcome to Camp!

Camp Roosevelt-Firebird provides a wide array of fun and meaningful activities in a caring environment.  Our Camp fosters self-confidenceleadershiprespecthumor, an appreciation of the environment and a desire to make the world a better place.

Jumping off trampoline into Leesville Lake. Summer Camp. Ohio.

Fun Activities

Lake, field, forest, court and barn … we’ve got it all -- great activities and experiences! Our energetic staff creates imaginative, silly and offbeat games. We put our own spin on the normal to make it extraordinary.

It might start as a carnival, a relay race, a camp fire, a dance or soccer game but then… we suddenly dress up, act goofy and let it all hang out.

The bottom line is: We know how to play.

Capture the Flag. Leesville Lake. Summer Camp Ohio


Camp is a time to break away from rigid schedules. Campers choose two supervised activities every morning that last a few days.

They have structured free time every afternoon where they choose from a menu of possibilities. Once a week, cabin groups plan their own day of activity.

Campfire. Cookout. Camping. Leesville Lake. Summer Camp. Ohio

Individual Attention

Before your child even attends camp, we do our best to visit your home to get to know you. We try to match up your child with a “buddy camper” from your town. We constantly consult with a camper’s parents, counselors and his/her friends at camp.

We keep tabs on how each camper is adjusting and experiencing camp. We observe campers, talk with them and do our best to develop relationships. In this way, over days and even years, each individual camper’s strengths come to light.

Talent Show. Leesville Lake. Summer Camp. Ohio. Guitar

Personal Growth

Staff guide campers activity choices and encourage them to try new things: a mountain bike ride in the woods, fishing, zip lining. A camper might read a poem in front of 100 people, speak out in a cabin discussion, lead a dance group or come up with an activity of his/her own.

Campers are recognized and encouraged at our “formation” meeting twice a day. Counselors create a safe and respectful environment that allows campers to make friendships and resolve cabin conflicts.

Goat. Farm. Organic. Summer Camp. Ohio. Leesville Lake

Meaningful Community Living

We're a team! Everyone does chores and plays a part. We welcome suggestions to improve life at camp. Campers might paint a cabin or build a new hiking trail. Together, we create excitng programs and solve problems.

We grow food on our small farm and carefully raise animals. We compost waste, recycle what we can and minimize our use of natural resources. We do our best to care for each other and our natural environment.

We have weekly values based campfires that inspire our campers to make a difference at camp and in the larger world. We have opportunities for community service