Contact Information for Camp Roosevelt Firebird

These days, there are many ways to communicate. We’ve listed some options below for your convenience.

Believe or not, we still prefer talking on the phone - especially with new families. By having a conversation, we can start getting to know one another and answer any of your questions.

We’d love to arrange a home visit when you are ready. We want to understand your needs. We want to learn about your child. And of course, we want to tell you about camp. We are proud of it! We want you to understand what sets us apart.

Telephone: 740.269.0137


Facebook Fan Page: Joe Tree Mendes

Facebook Camp Page: Camp Roosevlt Firebird

Instagram: @camprooseveltfirebird

Skype: JoeTheDirector

Summer Office (May 1 to Sept 1)

Camp Roosevelt Firebird
4141 Dublin Road SW
Bowerston, Ohio 44695

Winter Office (September 1 to May 1)

Camp Roosevelt Firebird
3095 Lincoln Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118