What’s New at Camp Roosevelt Firebird This Year?

Andrew Schwartz Memorial Tennis Court

We are planning to build a new tennis court in honor of former owner Andrew Schwartz. Construction is set to begin in early spring. Exciting details to follow.

Roosevelt Bathroom Remodeling

Cabins 1-4 have all had their bathroom and shower areas remodeled. New showers, flooring, toilets and sinks have been installed. The layout is more user friendly and provides for more space in the cabins.

Water System Repairs

Repair work on both of the camp’s wells was completed. New casings, well heads and vents were installed. A new chlorinator was purchased for the Senior Well. All of our water system’s older galvanized pipe was replaced with polyethylene lines and dead or unused lines were cut and disconnected.

Septic System Grant

Camp was awarded a $26,000 grant from the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District to overhaul and update the septic systems for the entire property. New lines from all the Firebird Units have been tied into the system. A new gray water pump station was installed near the camp parking lot and repair work was completed on the water treatment plant which is located in the Roosevelt Village.

Firebird Roof Job

Unit 1 is having its roof completely replaced. We've done a full tear off (70 years of shingles and tar) and are in process of laying down a new roof.

Alumni Reunion

There will be a reunion the weekend of August 5-6. Get all the details here. It’s going to be a great time.