What’s New at Summer Camp?

Tennis Courts Resurfaced

Our two tennis courts will have a fresh look and feel: smooth and green. Joe, Keynan, Tyler and Mike put in countless hours this fall. A few more touches in the spring and they'll be done. Get ready. It's looking quite pretty!

New Dining Hall Roof

That's right! For the first time since 1942, we have a spanking new roof. It's strong, green and made of metal. Also, we have brand new pine ceiling throughout the dining hall.

Dining Hall Exterior/Interior

The beams in the dining hall have been painted off white and wrapped in pine to give them a nice rustic touch. Of course we used our wood in the process. We continue to replace siding on the outside of the dining hall. The entire end has been resided and painted this fall/winter and 2 new windows were also installed. Each time we reside, we have to build a new wall. But we have the know-how. It's looking good!

Roosevelt Cabin 4 Finished

A new bathroom (showers, toilets, flooring and double sink) was installed this winter in cabin 4! Yay!

Sewer System Complete

In March of 2016, camp was awarded a $26,000 grant from the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) to overhaul and update the septic systems for the entire property. New lines from all the Firebird Units have been tied into the system.

A new gray water pump station was installed near the camp parking lot and repair work was completed on the water treatment plant which is located in the Roosevelt Village.

We won a second $14,000 grant to finish phase 2 of this project. The last of the work was finished in the fall of 2019. Guess what? It works perfectly!