What’s New at Summer Camp?

Firebird Bathroom Remodeling

Unit 1 and 2 have all had their bathroom and shower areas remodeled. There are new showers, vanities, back splashes, paint and water heaters. New counter tops and sinks have been installed. A new electrical fuse box and wiring is being installed in Unit 2. The layout is more user friendly and has been solidly built by our own staff, Carl, Mike and David.

Water System Repairs

Repair work on both of the camp’s wells is now complete. New casings, well heads and vents were installed. A new pressurized system has improved the water pressure and alternates the water source between our two well. All of the system’s older galvanized pipe were replaced with polyethylene lines and dead or unused lines were cut and disconnected.

Septic System Grants

In March of 2016, camp was awarded a $26,000 grant from the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) to overhaul and update the septic systems for the entire property. New lines from all the Firebird Units have been tied into the system.

A new gray water pump station was installed near the camp parking lot and repair work was completed on the water treatment plant which is located in the Roosevelt Village.

We submitted a second $14,000 grant application to finish phase 2 of this project. We are optimistic about our chances of winning another grant. Stay tuned! Results will be announced in March of 2018.

Firebird Roof and Flooring Jobs

Unit 2 is having its roof repaired in stages. Beams and rafters have been replaced and new roofing material will be installed in the spring. Rotten floorboards have been removed from Unit 2. The concrete floor will be freshly painted and covered with throw rugs.

Canoe Rack

A multi purpose canoe and kayak rack is being built near the boating beach. It will also accomodate paddles and life vests.

Roosevelt's 100 year Celebration!

There will be a celebration this summer during camp. A committee is currently planning the event. Dates and details will be published soon.