Summer Communication

There are several ways to stay in touch with your child during summer camp and share in the experience. Options are explained below along with several camp policies and their rationale.

Keeping a connection with home is important for many kids. We’ve noticed that corresponding through letter writing - in today’s world - provides campers and parents a new way to communicate that can be surprising and fun.

Please avoid expressioning how much you miss your child (even if you do!) or mention a favorite pet or other things that could make your child miss home. This can cause a camper to feel homesick when previously there was no such evidence of it.


There are several ways to do this. We receive snail mail every day at camp. Campers enjoy an “old fashioned” letter. You can even write letters in advance and we can deliver your letters throughout your child’s stay at summer camp!

Direct Two Way Email Service

We provide a simple way two communication service that allows to quickly and efficiently communicate with your camper(s). You may send emails or old fashiioned snail mail (it's actually fun to send a snail mail in advance!).

Emails are delievered daily. Use the email address

Campers write back using pencil and paper. We scan their letters once a day and email them back. No muss, no fuss. Campers can also write back using the U.S. Postal Service. Please provide stamps. The camp does not provide postage for campers.

Telephone Calls

We love to hear from parents! Feel free to call us anytime to check in on your child. We’ll bring you up to date.

However, campers are not permitted to use the telephone. There is one exception: we allow for a brief call on a child’s birthday.

Our reasoning is simple:. campers are building independence and self reliance. Communication from a relative who is at home may lead to homesickness for that camper or even others. We have found that telephone communication is counterproductive to the goal of helping kids grow in confidence by practicing their independence in a safe place .

We Post Photos

We take thousands of pictures during the summer and post them for you to view in a secure environment.

Check out the Camp Fan Facebook Fan page; Joe Tree Mendes

Check out the Camp Facebook Page: Camp Roosevelt Firebird

Check out the camp Instagram: @camprooseveltfirebird

Follow all the action through the Waldo Photos Program.

Care Packages

Do not send any, please!

Campers are well provided for and do not need any special treats. It’s amazing how they quickly forget about some of the normal things they are used to. Special treatment for one child, or one cabin, may cause problems and conflict at camp. Kids may compete for the “best” package or even brag.

Small animals and critters will invariably find these treats in the cabins. Remember, camp is situated in a forest. We thank you in advance for understanding and respecting these rules.

We really do our best to provide for all the kids' emotional and nutritional needs.


Feel free to send a package containing clothes or basic supplies your child needs. In case of a special event or birthday you may communicate with the camp office.