What to Bring

Label Your Camper's Stuff!

  • We don't want your camper to lose their stuff so ....

  • Please label all clothing, bedding and personal belongings with your camper's name. It will help us get your kid's stuff back to them!

  • Expensive personal items should be left at home (watches, etc). The camp cannot be responsible.

What to bring? 6 days of clothing!

  • 6-8 masks. Double cloth are best for the following reasons: comfort, breathability, sustainibility and washibility. We may or may not need masks depending on the situation in 2023

  • Small drawstring backpack (clearly labeled) to store spare mask, water bottle, sunscreen etc. This is essential this summer.

  • We are providing mask lanyards for each child.

  • small drawstring bag to store masks.

  • 2 Pairs of jeans/pants

  • 4-5 Pairs of shorts

  • 6 T-shirts

  • 7-Day supply of underwear

  • 10 Pairs of socks

  • 2 Pairs of pajamas

  • 2 Laundry Bags (clearly labeled with the camper’s name)

  • 2 Pairs of tennis shoes

  • 1 Pair of beach sandals (water shoes / Crocs)

  • 1 Raincoat

  • 1 Sweatshirt

  • 1 Fleece-type jacket

  • 1 Beach Towel

  • 2 Bath towels

  • 2 Swim suits

  • 1 Pillow

  • 2 Pillow cases

  • 2 Sets of twin sheets

  • 1 Hat for sun protection

  • 1 Sleeping bag

  • 1 Head-lamp (+ extra batteries)

  • Sunscreen and bug spray (no aerosol spray please!)

  • Festive and fun clothing for our barn dances (eg; Hawaiian shirts, hats, etc.)

  • Toilet articles

  • Water bottle

  • Postage stamps (optional)

  • Backpack - (book bag type) This is essential for carrying a water bottle and extra clothes or shoes. It’s often a serious hike back to the cabin. Our property spans over 100 acres.


  • Backpacking pack (13 year-old campers and up. 4 and 6 week campers only)

  • Camera (disposable is best. Campers are not allowed to keep their phones, so they may want another way to take photos, but we take hundred of pictures and post them online)

  • Cards, books, stationery

  • No fans this summer! (We are providing appropriate box fans for ventilation in the cabins)

  • Stuffed animals (limit 2)

  • Decorations for your cabin (pictures, posters etc.)

  • Musical instrument (can be kept in office.There are lots of opportunities to play and perform.)

  • Costume clothes for skits (We need help building our costume collection so if you have any old costumes you can leave at camp we’ll be grateful)

  • Board games

Sports equipment

  • Tennis racket and balls

  • Snorkel, swim fins, mask or goggles

  • Baseball mitt

  • Fishing rod & reel

  • Archery bow

Please, do not bring:

  • Cell phones and all electronic devices (we will hold them in the camp office)

  • Weapons such as knives or firearms. This includes pocket knives and fishing fillet knives (camp will supply them for supervised activities). Please call camp if you are unsure.

  • Bottled water

  • Lighters

Any items found inappropriate for camp will be held at the camp office. The camp is not responsible for lost or missing items.

Clothing Notes:

Footwear: Depending on the activity, we have requirements based on safety. Please pack a variety of footwear that will cover all the bases.

  • Athletic shoes are required for some activities (eg; sports, challenge course, biking, games that require running)

  • Sturdy shoes (ie: boots) may be required for hiking, strenuous “work” projects and farm and animal care

  • Sandals (keens, crocs, flip flops, etc) are fine to wear around camp for some activities. However, it is very easy to twist an ankle while walking some paths (just ask Joe, our director!)

Casual Dance

We have a casual dance at least once a session. Campers should bring fun festive clothes to wear.

Laundry Service

Laundry service will be provided weekly by an outside compamy. There is no extra fee. We do not do camper laundry on site unless absolutely necessary.

Packing Suggestions:

Less is more. This is camp!

Plastic drawers and under-the-bed storage containers are useful but not required. We do have dressers with 2-3 drawers per camper and shelving.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the camp office and we will be happy to assist you.