So Many Summer Camp Activities! Every Day!

There is so much to do every day! And you get to choose most of your own summer camp activities.

Campers of all ages are often grouped together, which allows you to get to know lots of kids...maybe even a new best friend!

Our summer camp is not competitive. You will learn new skills and be proud of the new things you can do. And you do get to play hard.

We play games for the fun of it. We never let anyone feel left out. And when we have competition, we focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and making sure everyone has fun.

Our Summer Camp Activities

We have all kinds of great stuff to do:

  • swimming
  • sailing
  • boating
  • kayaking
  • canoeing
  • paddle boarding
  • fishing
  • soccer
  • basketball
  • tennis
  • softball
  • disc golf
  • creative arts (in our 1890's barn)
  • challenge ropes course
  • climbing wall
  • zipline
  • mountain biking
  • farming
  • animal care
  • fitness
  • yoga
  • gardening
  • creative writing
  • cooking
  • dance
  • camping skills
  • outdoor education and earth stewardship
  • natural building
  • camp newspaper
  • digital photography
  • board games
  • community service, and, more!
Tennis anyone?
Tennis anyone?

Morning Activity Periods

There are two activity periods in the morning. We call them Project Periods. You will sign up for your preferences in advance and our programs run for 2 or 3 days. That way you can build skills.

Most summer camp activities are usually available and open to anyone. Sometimes there are age or skill level requirements.

There are so many activities that you can always find something you want to do. We encourage you to try new things, but in the end, you make own choices.

Nate takes three counselors to the hole. Campers rule!
Nate takes three counselors to the hole. Campers rule!

Afternoon Activity Periods

The afternoon is also split into two periods.

During Third Period, we have one day projects and/or group games. Our campers play many unique and crazy games.

During Fourth Period you choose an activity. We call this time “Organized Free” because counselors are assigned to specific areas while you get to pick what you want to do. During Organized Free, you will always have the option to swim at our beach.

Water racing.
Water racing.

Evening Program

During evening program there is always something exciting. We have carnivals, campfires, and barn dances.

Our all-camp Friendship Fire takes place once a week when we gather together and reflect, sing and share.

Erica has her whole cabin dancing it up in the barn!
Erica has her whole cabin dancing it up in the barn!

Special Events

Everyone participates in all-camp events like Capture the Flag, 4th of July, Kick-Off, The Big Bang, and the Camp Election. Each year, there is always something new and exciting. That’s the way we like it.

Louis leading one of our weekly "Friendship Fires"
Louis leading one of our weekly "Friendship Fires"

The Daily Schedule

  • 8:30 Breakfast

  • 9:10 Cabin Clean-Up / Camp Chores

  • 9:45 Formation (All Camp Meeting)

  • 10:00 Project Period 1

  • 11:15 Project Period 2

  • 12:30 Lunch Warning Bell

  • 12:45 Lunch

  • 1:25 Rest Hour

  • 2:30 Activity Period 3 (One Day Projects)

  • 4:00 Activity Period 4 (Structured Free Choice / Open Beach)

  • 5:30 Clean-up / Showers / Cabin Time

  • 5:45 Dinner Warning Bell

  • 6:00 Dinner

  • 6:45 Evening Program Announcements

  • 7:05 Evening Program

  • 8:30 Formation (All Camp Meeting)

  • 9:00 Cabin Time, Showers, Winding Down

  • 9:30 - 10:30 Lights Out. Depending on Camper’s Age

Ready for Cabin Day cook out.
Ready for Cabin Day cook out.

Cabin Day

Once a week, your cabin group will plan its own day of programming.

This is a day of cabin bonding.

You stay together as a unit all day long. Cabin day plans are a group decision. Cabin groups get very creative with this.

They may use any of the camp equipment, collaborate with other cabins, do a project around camp or plan a cool trip out of camp.

S'mores - the best part of summer camp!
S'mores - the best part of summer camp!

The day begins with a thorough cabin clean-up and cabin inspection done by a member of the camp leadership team. We actually make the inspection fun!

After that, cabin groups enjoy their day, ending with an outdoor meal cooked over a campfire. Under counselor supervision, your cabin group will collect wood, build a cooking fire, prepare food and clean up after the meal is done. It’s the kind of day you’d never have at home!

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