Joe Mendes, Owner / Director

Joe is an experienced educator with a secondary teacher certificate from the University of Michigan and an elementary teaching certificate from John Carroll University. Joe also has a MA in history from the University of Michigan. Joe began teaching in 1984 and has worked with children and young adults ever since. He has over 30 years of experience working in public schools, universities and community organizations across the country.

His camp experience began in at age 10 when he attended North Star Camp in northern Wisconsin for 8 weeks. That was just the beginning. After that, there was rarely a summer when Joe did not work at a camp. His camp work experience is vast, from maintenance man to director, and in places as wide ranging as California, Alaska, Minnesota and Vermont. He is an active member of camping professional groups, has many experienced camp colleagues, attends camp seminars and conferences and recently completed an American Camping Association course entitled The Emerging Camp Director.

Joe has two children, Abe (25) and Mariah (23), a dog named Juancho, a cat named Mitchell and too many chickens to mention. He makes his offseason home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Being a camp director is Joe’s full time job. He loves it. Contact him and you’ll soon see why.


Telephone: 740.269.0137

Facebook: Joe Tree Mendes (Camp's Fan Page)

Instagram: @camprooseveltfirebird

Skype: JoeTheDirector

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