Our Covid and Camp Info Video

Joe (our camp director) and Tracey Gaslin (PhD, CRNI, CPNP, FNP-BC), Executive Director of the Association of Camp Nurses (ACN) provide insight regarding the unique summer camp season ahead.

Tracey is the preeminent expert on camp nursing and has been studying and developing Covid plans for camp since March 2020. Read the ACN's Covid 19 Camp Resource Page. We will be following their guidance.

Watch the Video (It's a bit long, but highly informative)

The Need for Camp

We believe kids need camp more than ever. Sure, camp will look different this summer due to the the needed health and safety protocols we will be adding, generally described below, but we guarantee it will be fun for the kids.

There is no perfect plan and no perfect bubble.

But, we promise to do our very best to keep your child safe.

Communicable Disease Plan - Updated 5/11

We are planning to publish our COVID PLAYBOOK by May 20th. The data and information continues to evolve. We are meeting with the Carroll County Health Dept. and all the residential camps in Carroll County on May 13th. This will help us clarify some of our policies.

We will be holding several manadatory Zoom Town Halls before camp for those families signed up for sessions this summer. We will address parent and camper concerns. Our Administrative and Medical teams will moderate these meetings. These Town Halls will be scheduled several times before our first session. Watch in your email feed. We will also send a text reminder.


Our staff has been attending conferences, consulting with camp professionals, and carefully devising detailed plans. The Association of Camp Nurses and American Camping Association is providing continuous guidance as the climate changes. They have a created a detailed road map for how to operate this summer. Our charge is to follow and implement the plan.

Covid Mitigation Strategies

Our plan will describe specific proactive strategies for how to deal with all the implications of the Coronavirus and Covid 19 in the unique context of overnight camp.

There will be guidelines for famlies, campers and staff before they arrive to camp, policies and procedures for campers and staff while at camp, specific medical protocols for testing, surveilling, assesing, monitoring, and diagnosing campers and staff. Finally, we will share the specific action steps we will take if anyone at camp is identified postive for Covid.

Testing Plan

You will recieve a home PCR test kit in the mail and adminster this test to your child 5 days before your camper is set to arrive to camp. The test is free, either covered by your insurance or the government. You will attend a tele-mediceine appointment to go over testing procedures before giving the test. Then, you will mail a pre-paid envolope to the lab we have contracted with. We will receive this data before camp. If your child's test comes back positive, they will not be permitted to come to camp on drop off day. We will consult with our medical teamand you to determne the next steps.

Five days into your camper's session, we will test them - and every other person on the site - with a PCT test. The PCR test is the gold sdtandard of all covid tests. Results are expected back to us in 48 hours.

Any positive result will result in an immediate camper pick-up from camp. That camper will be isolated, and their cabin cohort quarantined. The quaratined cabin will continue to enjoy camp but be isolated from the greater community. We will communicate with all parents and carefully monitor the sympotms of the kids in this cabin and any other closde contacts.

Snap-shot of Plan

Pre-screening and quarantining procedures for staff and campers before arrival * 10 day quarantined pre-camp staff training * All staff taff tested with gold standard deep nasal swab PCR test 5 days after arrival to pre camp training * new check-in/check-out procedures for campers * testing protocols and health monitoring before and during camp * Covid mitigation strategies: cohorting campers in small groups * masking * distancing * handwashing stations all around camp * regular sanitation of high use surfaces and common areas * ventilation * creating isolation / quarantine facilities * counseling staff will not leave the site during time off * new infrastructure built/purchased: hand washing sinks, outdoor eating porches, picnic tables for outdoor eating * ample PPE available for appropriate uses * policies and procedures for eating meals by cohort * additional on-site living space for adult staff * identified isolation and quarantine spaces * program adaptations and new equipment * hiring extra staff * and more

Our Medical Team

1. Full time on-site RN, Julia Stoneburner, School Nurse in the Worthington, Columbus Schools

2. Full time on-site Nurse Assistant, Katie Dobrzynski, RN degree expected 5/22

3. Camp Medical Director, Pediatrican, on call 24 hours a day, Dr. Erick Kauffman

The Evolving Context of the Pandemic

We will adapt our plans as new information, data and recommendations for best practices become available.

Information regarding vaccination and transmission is especially important:

Vaccinating Staff

We are strongly encouraging all of our staff to be vaccinated. Thus far, we are optimistic all of our staff will be fully vaccinated before campers arrive on 6/20. The latest guidance on the transmission of the virus will be a key component regarding the policies we ultimately adopt. We will fall on the conservaive side of any debated topic.

Ohio State Guidelines for Residential Camps

Last year's special Ohio's state guidelines for residential camps - published in June of 2020 - were recently rescinded. They may or may not be revisted. Our local health department will monitor camps in the county and advise us on policy. They will conduct inspections as usual dring our season.

We expect their to be cohorting of campers in cabin group durung many acrtivities. However, we have reason to believe that some mixing of campers can occur if outside, masked and distanced (2 of the 3 need to be in effect.)

Our Promise: Honest and Clear Communication

Will there be Covid at Camp? We cannot guarantee there won't be. Therefore, we are planning for that possibility despite all the extensive preparation and the mitigation strategies we will be using.

We will be ready if we identify a positive case. In this climate, that's what you have to do to be prepared. Above all, as we approach decisions about your children’s safety we promise to be honest, open and straightforward.

Zoom Town Halls

As the summer approaches we will be setting up Zoom Town Halls to answer any questions you and your and kids may have. Dates will be published on this page, and through email, text and social media.

More questions? Joe, the director, is glad to talk anytime.

Joe Mendes