Families Love Camp Roosevelt - Firebird

"My son Max went to camp for 5 years. At 16, he seems all grown up now, and is one of the most independent kids ever! He even does his own laundry and cooks!!!!" - Dawn, parent, Canton, Ohio

"Allison benefits from camp because she gets to be her most authentic self. At Roosevelt Firebird she is submersed in nature and surrounded by people who are unique and march to their own drum like her. When I pick her up from camp she glows with confidence. She grows in mind, body and spirit. She is on fire for life!" -Laurie, parent, Cleveland, Ohio

“I am so grateful for Camp Roosevelt-Firebird for giving my children the opportunity to explore their environment, personal limits and learn all while having fun. Not only that, we got to continue our legacy with the 3rd generation attending the camp!” - Kari, parent, Panama City, Florida

"Camp was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I went for longer. I loved everybody, the employees too. Everyone was just so nice and I truly felt at home. Now that I’m home, I miss everyone..." - Mills, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

A counselor and Grandparent chat
A counselor and Grandparent chat

"My Aunt JoAnne went to Camp Firebird in the 1970’s. And her daughter Annie followed in the 1990’s, from Virginia. In 2014, I realized my son Casey needed a Summer activity and asked him to come up with a plan. He didn’t; so I signed him up for a 2 week Camp Roosevelt Firebird session. He was mortified and refused to go. My mom said, 'How will you get him to camp?' I honestly didn’t know, but forged ahead hoping it would work out. We did manage to pack all his gear and get him to camp. It was not pretty. I felt horrible leaving him alone at camp, mad, and not knowing anyone.

One week later I received a call from camp and immediately panicked. Had he intentionally misbehaved to be sent home? Was he inconsolably homesick? When they put Casey on the phone he said, 'Mom, don’t be that person.' I was confused, 'What?' He continued, 'Don’t be the person who says «I told you so.»' I still didn’t get it. 'Mom, I want to stay at camp for 2 more weeks!' he exclaimed. To say I was thrilled and relieved is an understatement.

That was the beginning of a great relationship with Casey and camp. Last Summer he signed up for the max 6 weeks and is planning on completing the CIT program this summer 2017. I’d like to personally thank all the campers, counselors, Joe, Cynthia and Debbie for Casey’s great experience. You guys rock!"
- Shelly, parent, Columbus, Ohio

At the campership fundraiser
At the campership fundraiser

"At camp I learned how to make a one match fire and I also learned about so many different cultures. I made a lot of new friends from all around the world."
- Abby, age 14, Richmond, Virginia

"At camp I learned that you don't have to be so perfect!"
- Ellie, Phoenix, Arizona

I asked my son Seth, "What the best thing about camp?" He stared at me and said, “Obviously, everything!"
- Julie, parent, University Heights, Ohio

“I love Camp because it’s so fun. I get to do things that I don't have the opportunity to do otherwise and that gives me confidence.”
- Beck, age 11, Panama City, Florida

“Camp has been my second home since I was 9 years old. At camp, I’ve learned how to make meaningful friendships and make these friendships last. I discovered who I was. I can disconnect from all the stresses of home. I’ve learned to be independent and to do so many amazing activities. Camp has made me a better person. It showed me how to collaborate and accept everyone’s differences. I was able to practice teamwork in games, and with my cabin mates. And now as a staff member this continues. Because of camp, I have friends from all over the world.”
- Erica, age 16, San Juan, Puerto Rico