Let’s Talk About Summer Camp Safety

Safety is always our primary concern. Below, we have tried to answer all your summer camp safety-related questions and concerns.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.

Will my child be safe?

Yes. We work hard to make sure this is the case every day for every camper.

The staff is thoughtfully and carefully trained. The Camp Director and Leadership Team sets the tone during staff training week. Our campers physical and emotional safety is stressed continuously during this time. We teach our staff that each camper is an individual with specific needs. It’s our job to understand our campers and help them feel safe.

So, when camp begins, we pay attention to our campers and carefully supervise our staff. As a team, we constantly adapt and problem-solve to meet our camper’s changing needs minute by minute and day by day.

Do you have health professionals on site?

Each year we hire a RN, LPN, Paramedic or Health Care Student to manage our Wellness Center. Campers' medical history and prescriptions are reviewed before he/she arrives and discussed with parents on opening day. We check all campers in upon their arrival and review each camper’s individual needs. Key members of our staff are trained in basic first aid and CPR from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

Tell me more about your Wellness Center

The Wellness Center Manager lives there. There are also extra rooms with beds for sick campers. Office hours are set so campers know when and how to get assistance. However, as our manager is on site, she/her is always available if needed. Meds are kept in a locked cabinet. We carefully document the distribution of all medicines.

Parents are always informed if a child has to stay overnight in the Wellness Center or if they have to see a physician.

Where is the closest clinic?

An emergency clinic is located just 20 minutes away in Carrollton. We also have standing medical orders from a local Doctor . At times, we have a residential Doctor on site.

We check all campers in at our Wellness Center upon their arrival and review each camper’s individual needs. Most staff are certified in first aid as well.

Can campers roam around the property?

No. Campers must always have a buddy as they move about camp. Usually, they are always in sight of a staff member. Boys are not permitted in the girls’ cabins nor are girls allowed in the boys’ cabins.

Are campers always supervised?

Campers are always supervised by staff members at all times. Each group of campers in a cabin is always supervised at night as well.

How will you deal with him/her being scared or missing home?

Counselors are trained on ways to help a scared or anxious camper. Our staff also knows when to get help from a more experienced camp administrator. We listen to our campers. We always acknowledge a camper’s feelings, discuss them and try to help our campers move past them. If possible, we help campers come up with their own solutions.

Campers, with help, are often able to recognize they have the ability to overcome fears. They become stronger through the experience. Sometimes we can distract a camper, temporarily, and engage them in other activities. A busy camper is a happy one!

Honest communication between staff and campers is the key. If a camper is extremely unhappy we will always share this information with the camper's family and discuss how best to handle the situation.

How will you make sure my child takes care of himself / herself?

Counselors are trained to pay close attention to his/her campers health habits. They eat and sleep with their campers and carefully observe camper behavior. Counselors are attuned to hygiene and bathroom habits. If issues arise, we address the issues.

Will you respect his/her differences and his/her beliefs?

Of course. Respect is basic part of our camp mission. Our staff are trained to teach children how to listen, even to ideas that they don't agree with. We love that, at camp, people from many different experiences and beliefs can find a space for open discussion and inquiry.

Will you challenge her/him but still keep safety in mind?

Personal development does not truly occur without challenge and adversity. Therefore, “managed risk” is an intentional part of our programming. We help our campers face challenges whether it’s facing our high ropes course, camping in the forest, or dealing with an interpersonal conflict.

Will you make sure she/he is not bullied?

Number one, we don’t tolerate bullying. We take this very seriously. We do not allow a bully to ruin another camper’s experience.

We train our staff to identify and deal with bullying. Our administrative team always has our finger on the pulse of the camp community and is made aware of hurtful behavior. Supervisors at every level are always checking in about issues like these in both informal and formal ways.

We address any inappropriate behavior immediately and monitor it closely. We do not shy away from this, we see negative behavior as an opportunity for change. If it doesn't change, we provide natural consequences. In some cases, we will consult with parents and, as a team, brainstorm solutions to inappropriate behavior. If a camper’s behavior unsafe or beyond our ability to address, her or she will be sent home.

Will you make sure he/she makes friends?

We cannot guarantee anyone will make friends. However, we do our best everyday to encourage and nurture friendships. It is a primary goal. We are always promoting friendships, bringing groups together and looking for common ground.

Do you follow the American Camping Association’s Standards?

We do follow the guidelines and standards the American Camping Association (ACA) has established. The ACA standards program is continuously evaluated and updated to reflect current trends, safety, and innovative operations in camping programs.

The ACA addresses camp programming, personnel, and management practices that relate specifically to summer camps. Our camp follows over 300 individual standards in order to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We keep up to date on current standards and make sure all of our policies are appropriate and in line with best practices in the camping and outdoor recreation field.

What extra steps do you take to ensure your staff is qualified?

All of our lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross or other equivalent certification agencies

We do background checks on all of our counseling staff according to the American Camp Association standards and state law.

Do you have emergency procedures in place?

Yes. All of our emergency procedures are discussed and practiced during staff training week. We have plans for bad weather and other potential emergencies. Our leadership team carries walkie talkies and can devise flexible plans on the spot. We have a relationship with a local ambulance service in case of need.

What about potential intruders entering the site?

There is only one public road leading into camp and it dead ends into our parking lot. Our office looks out into the parking lot and we can hear any car driving down the road. The road is gravel and very noisey. Several members of our camp leadership team live within 100 feet of the camp entrance. Our staff trained is trained regarding what to do if an intruder enters camp.