Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

Are you looking for a challenging summer job?

Working as an overnight summer camp counselor is an adventure. It’s a blast! You will make amazing friends and acquire work experience and life skills applicable to your future.

The work is incredibly important and very tough.

You will be caring for other people’s children. You are promising to keep them safe - physically and emotionally. You will be held to the highest standards of behavior.

We believe, some day, all of the skills you learn at summer camp will help you to excel at life’s challenges.

Characteristics You Will Need:

  • Energy and great camp spirit

  • Communication skills

  • A positive, upbeat, and optimistic attitude

  • A serious approach to the job

  • Adaptability, Responsibility, Consistency

  • Kindness, Empathy, Compassion

  • Fairness, Maturity, Self Confidence

  • Willingness to learn, to be open minded

  • Willingness to act childlike but not childish

  • An understanding that summer camp is for the campers - it will be your job to put their enjoyment before your own.

Taking the time for a chat
Taking the time for a chat

You Can Count On:

  • Facing challenges and problem solving

  • Learning new skills

  • Building lasting friendships

  • FUN!

About the Job

You are an Educator

We want you to love your job as a summer camp counselor and have the best experience possible! Therefore, we train you carefully and provide consistent support.

We expect you to be organized, prepared and responsible. We view our staff as professionals, as educators teaching positive human development.

Though you are most likely still a young adult, at camp you will play many roles: teacher, advisor, parent and trusted friend.

You can make an amazing positive impact. Campers are always watching you. Campers will see your enthusiasm, creativity, compassion and empathy. They will look up to you. And they will learn.

Work Environment

We provide a welcoming and positive work environment based on support and mutual respect. Our experienced leadership team is always there to offer guidance and offer support.

We appreciate fresh new ideas and welcome staff input. Staff have incredible responsibilities. Therefore, we trust our staff to do their jobs well, and hold them to the highest standards.


Our summer camp staff has a mandatory one-week pre-camp training. Staff learn all the central procedures and policies of our program.

They may receive additional training in CPR, first aid, waterfront safety, archery, mountain biking and our challenge (ropes) course.

Staff are expected to develop structured plans for the activities they will teach.

Most importantly, we teach our staff about the best ways to manage, guide and counsel children.


Your Team

Three counselors live with and supervise each cabin of 6-10 children - a Senior Counselor, a Junior Counselor and a Counselor in Training (C.I.T).

Senior Counselors are at least 19 and have completed their first year of college.

Junior Counselors have completed their Junior or Senior year of high school.

C.I.T.'s have just finished their Sophomore year of high school.

Your Specialty

Along with cabin responsibilities, each staff member teaches an activity. Staff specialize in one or two activity areas in order to have focus and develop expertise.

To Apply for a Summer Camp Counselor Job

Follow the links below to fill out an online application.

Upon opening the link, you must set up an account and then click on "register for this session." This will take you to the appropriate application.

All staff positions require first aid and CPR training. Many positions require additional training and certifications.